Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last Tuesday I had an opening show at Sadie's Diner. I'm very happy with how the opening went thanks to Katie, Al and everyone who helped run the bar. Here are a few shots of the art in the Sadie's space, believe it or not, it was pretty busy and I felt odd taking pictures of the ones in the front room. I suppose I'll shoot them when I go to take them down. I'm satisfied with this series and am trying to take a little break before I start working on my paintings for Grateful Head in the late summer (Jesse Crowe is still serious). I have a couple of paintings for that show so far, but I think I want to add a few drawings, illustrations/water colours (maybe?!) to fill things out and capture the fashion side of what I'm working on with my hair photos. After that there is Talk of a Halloween show with Joey Dammit... so I have a few things on my plate. I'm hoping to be able to adjust to the different styles I'm facing in the near future.

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