Sunday, April 25, 2010

500 days of bummer.

I sat around this evening and tried to get over my fear of sketching. Here are a few terrible Iphone pictures of my pencil party. Maybe I'll take real pictures of them in better light... someday.
James. Pika. Tyler (and some girl). David. Myself.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can't take pictures of paint drying.

I have nothing to paint on. why does everything look flat and dull?

why does everything look flat and dull?


Last Tuesday I had an opening show at Sadie's Diner. I'm very happy with how the opening went thanks to Katie, Al and everyone who helped run the bar. Here are a few shots of the art in the Sadie's space, believe it or not, it was pretty busy and I felt odd taking pictures of the ones in the front room. I suppose I'll shoot them when I go to take them down. I'm satisfied with this series and am trying to take a little break before I start working on my paintings for Grateful Head in the late summer (Jesse Crowe is still serious). I have a couple of paintings for that show so far, but I think I want to add a few drawings, illustrations/water colours (maybe?!) to fill things out and capture the fashion side of what I'm working on with my hair photos. After that there is Talk of a Halloween show with Joey Dammit... so I have a few things on my plate. I'm hoping to be able to adjust to the different styles I'm facing in the near future.